About Us


San Diego Outdoor Living Here For You

My journey began as a real estate agent in 1994. In 1997 I acquired my Auctioneers license In 2000 I was buying fix and flip properties remodeling and designing them. By 2003 I was flipping 30 homes a year, I did this for 10 years. Designing and building. In 2013 I bought a large piece of land and started designing, developing & building homes & gardens from the ground up. In 2015 I started designing gardens for the elite .My passion has always been fueled by lifestyle trends in outdoor living spaces. San Diego Outdoor living is a collaboration of the best up and coming cutting edge designs.

With our designs and the highly efficient contemporary style We are ready willing and able to create your dream so that you can live in it. I have traveled to over 20 countries sharing and working with designers from all over the world sharing and creating contemporary design and facilitate styles. Feel free to browse through our website to view different styles to compliment your next outdoor living project.