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My journey began as a real estate agent in 1994. In 1997 I acquired my Auctioneers license In 2000 I was buying fix and flip properties remodeling and designing them. By 2003 I was flipping 30 homes a year, I did this for 10 years. Designing and building. In 2013 I bought a large piece of land and started designing, developing & building homes & gardens from the ground up. In 2015 I started designing gardens for the elite .My passion has always been fueled by lifestyle trends in outdoor living spaces. San Diego Outdoor Living is a collaboration of the best up and coming cutting edge designs. With our designs and the highly efficient contemporary style We are ready willing and able to create your dream so that you can live in it. I have traveled to over 20 countries sharing and working with designers from all over the world sharing and creating contemporary design and facilitate styles. Feel free to browse through our website to view different styles to compliment your next outdoor living project.

What is design?

Most people think that design is about making things look pretty – a decoration. Art. But design is as much an art as it is a science. Cold and calculated process. Sometimes the detriment of pretty. Yet, the design is not allowed to fail. Design is for everyone and no one in particular. Website and mobile app design, as well as design in general, is a complex yet subtle process, it’s more than making things pretty.

Humans speak through languages and things speak through design. It seems today that nobody claims to speak a foreign language they haven’t studied but everybody thinks they know design. 

Let’s dive deep into the world of design and try to understand why it is so important and what purposes it serves.

What is Space

Space is the dimension of height, depth and width within which all things exist and move. Space or Empty space or White space or Negative space are alias given to describe intensional spaces made in design. In a digital world, we live in limited dimension of screen. People tend to fill up empty spaces to get maximum benefit out of it but rather know the importance and beauty of it..

Negative space creates a vacuum of content, which draws more importance and adheres attention to the existing content. Not only these they helps in readability, provide feedback and increase usability. These spaces creates room to breath and users feel comfortable looking or exploring it.

We pride ourselves on sketch design a old school method that allows us as designers to create flow while taking the time through sketch. This is and has always been the pinnacle structure of design.

Design Services

San Diego Outdoor Living has been serving the community for some time now.With our designs team,we always aim to offer our clients trend setting timeless design for their Outdoor Living space. Working hand in hand with your contractor of choice we facilitate the design install so that you achieve your final goal.

We offer onsite design and offsite design, we take you on a design journey where we share our 20 years of design knowledge with you through out the process.

With the unique climate in San Diego it's very easy to get the position of plants in the incorrect location causing your design to fail. With years of experience we will ensure you live in a modern contemporary thriving full of life Outdoor space to enjoy for years to come. The essence of space is DESIGN.

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